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The job of today’s food service director is a complex one, requiring diverse skills and training to do it correctly. In essence , he/she has a four-fold responsibility: to serve high quality meals; to provide an attractive and sanitary setting for students to dine and to be an efficient, cost effective manager. He/she must know when change is necessary, what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and who is going to do it and then act on that knowledge. Their role is unique in the district; for other than the superintendent and business official, s food service director is the only administrator charged with generating revenue, balancing operational budgets, and working within that budget. This is the challenge even building principals do not typically content with.

We can help.

  We...Believe that every student, school administrator, faculty member, and member of the school community is entitled to receive the most wholesome breakfast and/or lunch possible at school - prepared from the freshest ingredients, in a sanitary environment by well trained, courteous staff, and offered at the most reasonable price possible. We also believe that only by making ourselves totally available and responsive to every concern, regardless of how small, can we succeed in our quest to become the number one school food service Consulting Company operating in the North East.

We...Strongly support the “Healthy School Meals” initiative. Our staff has used Nutrient Standard Menu Planning (NSMP) since its introduction, provided training to school food service and management company personnel in several States (at USDA’s request), served on the USDA Healthy School Meals Task Force, and been a proponent of the NSMP Option since it was first announced in 1996. Additionally our staff was among the first to teach Nutrient Standard Menu Planning and the nutritional analysis of menus to schools and school food service directors throughout New York State.

We...Believe that Good Nutrition cannot be mandated. Rather it must be learned; we also believe that lunch and breakfast at school should be a learning experience. We are therefore excited to work with teachers and school health officials to help students to learn to eat healthier.

We...Believe that every student regardless of his/her ability to pay should be able to receive a meal at school. We are committed to a “no tears” policy with respect to students who come to school without money and therefore support the creation of a Board Approved Charge Policy for (full paying or reduced price) students who for whatever reason do not have money to pay for their lunch or breakfast at school.

We...Believe the last child through the lunch or breakfast line is entitled to the same choices, food quality, and courteous service as the first child through.

We...Believe that students, parents, and teachers should meet regularly with representatives of their school district to discuss menus, food quality, staff, staff attitude, and the overall operation of the school’s Child Nutrition Programs.

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