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Frank Rinaldi, Owner/CEO

"It is Mr. Rinaldi's drive, energy and commitment to excellence that allows me to give him my unqualified recommendation... I firmly believe that Mr.Rinaldi can add value to any program, service, or business for which he is employed."

Joseph P. Frey, Assistant Commissioner - Office of Quality Assurance, NYS Education Department


About Frank Rinaldi, Owner/CEO
Over 30 years experience in Child Nutrition Administration, Operating School Food Service Programs, Training School Food Service Personnel, and working for a large Food Service Management Company.

I am a former NYS Education Department Child Nutrition Professional and State Child Nutrition Program Administrator, a former Management Company Vice President, and now an independent School Food Service Consultant who specializes in Child Nutrition Program Administration. As a member of ASBO, PASBO, NYSASBO, and a former State Auditor, I know the rigors of working to keep the cafeteria on a self-supporting basis, while juggling the quest for more program revenue, controlling program costs, and keeping the daily offerings interesting and appealing to students. All while trying to find more money to meet classroom needs at a time when "wellness" plans are taking the forefront and limiting a program's ability to generate revenue.

I have spent over 40 years helping school districts throughout the Northeast to operate more cost effectively, making recommendations for reducing operational expenses, increasing program revenue, and training staff "how to get the job done".

I will visit your district, meet with the administration, visit each school (during meal service), assess the overall program operation, reviewing labor, food, and other costs. Within 30 days, I will provide a detailed report outlining my findings, containing recommendations for effecting change (when change is needed). I will also include an Excel worksheet that presents a suggested Operational Budget in a "what if" scenario that can be used for future budgets.

My fee structure is reasonable and strictly on a "flat fee basis" (no hourly rates, no added expenses for travel or any other reason). In most instances, my fee will be $4,000.00 or less (large districts 8+ buildings, will be priced predicated on the number of days I must spend in the district). The fee we agree on is all you will ever pay and I will not invoice you until I send out the written report. Additionally, I promise that any follow up questions, or requests for assistance via telephone or email will be provided at no additional charge. (I can provide a list of clients that will confirm this promise).

By spending a little on my consulting fee, you may be able to save the General Fund thousands in subsidies that can be redirected to other areas of the district's budget.

If your school/district has a Food Service Management Company Contract or are considering one, your existing Bid Specifications (even those recommended by a State Agency) will not ensure that your school/district receives the maximum amount of money (returned) from the FSMC operation. Frank's has the practical experience - on the State Agency, School District, Management Company, and Consulting side of School Food Service to assist you. We know of no other School Food Service Consultant that can boast experience from these same sources. Rinaldi Associates' clients include: Public School Districts, Non-Public Schools, State Agencies, Food Service Management Companies, Computer Software Companies, State Business Official Associations, and Other Consulting Companies

 I am happy to provide a list of former clients  who can attest to the totality and honesty with which I complete each program  review.  
Contact me, a formal proposal, it will cost you nothing; your cafeteria does not need to face a losing school year.

Frank Rinaldi
Rinaldi Associates

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