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Our fees are reasonable because we know it is the school lunch account from which our fee will most likely be paid.

Consulting & Training Fees are "Per Diem" + Expenses

Call or email Frank directly for a price quote.


Rinaldi Associates' Most Frequently Requested Workshop Topics

Financial Management (Manager/Director Session)

2+ hours
During this session the director is taken through a review of a sample school Profit & Loss Statement showing an operational loss. The session focus is on what the apparent problem(s) are, with a group discussion as to why the problem exists, what can be done to increase program revenues and/or reduce operational costs.

Budgeting for Success
(2-2 1⁄2 hours)
This workshop includes a discussion of Operational Budgets and how to prepare a realistic one for the following school year. In this session, Frank uses techniques used by a Management Company in assessing the revenue generating potential for a possible “take over”. The session features the Excel Worksheet that Frank actually used for this purpose when working for the Management Company and the steps that must be taken each month to ensure that the program stays on budget.

Are You Costing Your Program Money?

(1 1⁄2 -2 hours for the food service worker)
This session concentrates on a discuss of what is meant by being “self-supporting”, the importance of operating on a self-supporting basis, and the things that employees do every day that can affect the financial status of the program in either a positive or negative manner. Included is a discussion on the importance of portion control, delivery receipt procedures, and inventory control.

Go for the Gold
(1 1⁄2 -2 hours for the food service worker)
Most food service workers see only their program and rarely have an opportunity to visit other program to see how others set up a serving line, and use choices and color to merchandise their program. This presentation uses a Power Point approach to bring “other programs” to the staff through a pictorial review of actual school serving lines seen during breakfast and lunch service. Staff will see the “good and the bad” as seen by Rinaldi Associates. The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is certainly true and the messages of this presentation is, “look at your line from the customer’s point of view” and “never allow the appearance of you line and your menu items to negatively effect your program’s participation”.

(2 to 10 hours) for food service workers, managers & directors
SLANT Consultants is a registered and experienced “Serv-Safe” instructor for the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association. We can present the full 10 hour certification course or a condensed 2 hour segment in which workers receive basic training in “food safety” , why people get sick from food, and how they can prevent it from occurring in their school.
Nutrient Standard Menu Planning (NuMenus) - 2 hours for managers, directors, and food service workers..

Supervision & Coaching
(1 – 1 1/2 hours) for managers and directors

Often a food service manager or director is promoted into the position from that of a food service worker or cook based on tenure with the district. Often these individuals lack the training necessary to “step” into a supervisor role and when faced with a “conflict in the workplace” situation or a problem employee do not know how to properly handle the situation. This session utilizes a Power Point and video presentation that takes the individual through the proper method for supervising employees, handling conflict in the workplace, and reprimanding.

Financial Document Review
Desk Audit / Review of Your Program

The expertise of Rinaldi Associates and Frank Rinaldi is now available to you without incurring the cost of an "on site" program review. We have found that due to increasing travel costs many smaller districts (especially those in Central & Western States) cannot afford to contract with us for an on site program review and financial management consultation. Yet these districts want an "outside" opinion and need someone to assess labor costs, food costs, program revenues and provide general financial management advice.

To meet this need, we now offer a Desk Audit/Document Review Consulting Option. Essentially we provide you with a list of financial and program operational documents and specific program information that we will need to review. You then send or email us a copy of the requested documents. Upon receipt of the documents, we will review your program's financial status, prepare a Year-To-Date Profit & Loss Statement and a suggested Operational Budget. We will review your program's labor (meals per labor hour), food costs, miscellaneous expenses and program revenues . If necessary we will telephone you to discuss your program, the data you sent to us, and/or to obtain additional program information.

Within 3-4 weeks we will provide you with a written report containing our findings and recommendations for meeting the suggested "Operational Budget" that we will design especially for your program to help it operate more cost-effectively. Included with the report will be a computer disk (CD) containing a copy of the written report, the Excel Operational Budget prepared for your program, and a Power Point Presentation that you can use to present your "Action Plan" to the District Administration or Board of Education.

Additionally we will make ourselves available via email and telephone to discuss our report with you and to respond "frankly" to your questions regarding cost control, budgets, management company operation, menus, and pricing.

Frank Rinaldi Rinaldi Associates
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